Chablis, a steely fresh Chardonnay from northern France is a superb choice

Business lunch, first date, dinner party… Choosing a tipple for a special occasion can be tricky. James Hindle of Pop Up Wine suggests which bottle to order

The First Date
Safety first here. Go for something white – so any spillage will not mark your outfit – and choose a varietal that demonstrates your knowledge of wine. Chablis, a steely fresh Chardonnay from northern France is a superb choice. Generally unoaked, it’s a tipple that is sure to win over your date. Try: Louis Moreau Chablis 2014.

The Business Lunch
Ten years ago the company credit card would have made this an opportunity to indulge, but times have sadly changed. However, due to our close proximity to Perth, Australian wines offer better value than French tipples. A Margaret River Cabernet is consistently excellent, and will go beautifully with that medium-rare steak you have been looking forward to all morning. Try: Fraser Gallop “Parterre” Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 from one of the best wineries in Australia.

No wine shouts summer as loudly as an easy-to-sip Provençal Rosé. Try: Mirabeau Côtes De Provence Rosé 2015.

The Dinner Party
Deciding what wine to take to a dinner party can be tricky, especially when you have no idea what your host might be serving for his or her guests. We like to choose flexible wine that can be paired with many dishes. Bubbles is a good choice – perfect to toast with and incredibly versatile as a food-pairing wine. Try: Dumangin Champagne “Le Cuvée 17” NV

The Baby Shower
After nine months of restraint, many new mums will look forward to that first glass or two of wine. Put a smile on your friend’s face by bringing a bottle of delightful low-alcohol pink Moscato – a sweet, slightly bubbly, wine that no one can help but love. Try: Mojo Moscato 2015

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