While you’re wandering around the duty free, your kid can be working an A&E ward, learning how to fight fires or even fly a plane.

You’ll never hear “I’m bored” again if you fly through one of these venues


Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

The One With The Imax Cinema

It’s non-stop entertainment for kids at Hong Kong International Airport. Not only can they watch one of their favourite blockbuster flicks at the IMAX cinema, they can also visit the Dream Come True Education Park that lets them spend an hour or two as a firefight, lifesaving doctor or pilot. While you’re wandering around the duty free, your kid can be working an A&E ward, learning how to fight fires or even fly a plane.


Hong Kong Airport 2


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

The One With A Hello Kitty Cabin

If you want to be mum of the year, take your tot to the Hello Kitty Terminal. Kick back on a Hello Kitty seat in the Hello Kitty waiting lounge, watch your little one have fun in the Hello Kitty activity area where they can learn how to draw their favourite character before taking a trip down the Hello Kitty slide. And then if they still haven’t fed their Hello Kitty addiction you can visit the Hello Kitty boutique.


Orlando International Airport, Florida

The One With The Spaceman

It should be no surprise that the state that has Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, knows how to entertain kids. Orlando’s airport is almost as active as one of its theme parks. They’ll find life-size statues, a 3,000-gallon aquarium and a spy a spaceman alongside an asteroid from Mars at the Kennedy Space Center store.

Changi Airport, Singapore

The One With The Butterfly Garden

Kids will love Changi Airport so much that they won’t want to leave. Not only can they take a ride on Singapore’s tallest slide (four storeys tall), but they can visit the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3, where they’ll fly around 1,000 tropical butterflies fluttering between the flowering plants, lush greenery and grotto waterfall. And when they just want to relax, they take can take a comfy seat in one of the free cinemas in Terminal 2 and 3 that are showing the latest Minion, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Star Trek flicks


San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco

The One With The Wag Brigade

This airport is a must-visit for animal lovers. Not only can your tots check out Nemo’s home at the airport’s own aquarium, but they can also meet the Wag Brigade. Each week the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals takes a troop of furry pals into the airport’s terminals to make friends with visitors – both large and small – and leave them feeling relaxed before they step onto the plane.

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