Lars-Eric was one of the most curious and kindest person that I have ever met.  He loved traveling the world and meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

Generation after generation, the Lindblad family has continuously explored uncharted areas of the globe to bring their guests on once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Following his move from New York to Australia to further develop the Lindblad name, we chat with Lars-Eric Lindblad’s grandson, Jeremy about his most memorable voyages and want makes Lindblad Expeditions unique.  

Diving Manta Alley, one of the coolest experiences of my life! #komodo #mutiaralaut

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You are a third generation Lindblad. What memories do you have of your grandfather, Lars-Eric?

Lars-Eric was one of the most curious and kindest person that I have ever met.  He loved traveling the world and meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.  He told great stories and had incredible charm.

You must have had an incredible childhood, can you describe it a little bit?

I am fortunate to have two incredibly talented and creative parents who both work in the travel industry.  Growing up I was given the opportunity to see the world and experience things that few are able to experience. Holidays were spent either on one of our ships in Baja, Alaska, the Arctic, Europe etc or my mum would organize an incredible month long stay in Bali or Provence where we would rent a small house and explore our surroundings, see friends and meet new ones.  

If you could choose 3 words to describe Lindblad Expeditions, what would they be?

Thoughtful, Purpose, Exploration  

I’ve heard you say that journeys with Lindblad Expeditions are the best there are. What puts them above the competition?

Read the 3 words above….. Honestly, I believe that we offer our guests the most exhilarating and memorable travel experience that one can have.  This is because we strive to illuminate the geographies that we take guests to through our remarkable staff, experts, photographers and speakers.

Which expedition is your personal favourite?

Depends on what I’m in the mood for.  For nature, I’d go for Antarctica. If I’m in the mood to see amazing wildlife, nothing beats the Galapagos Island. And for culture I really enjoy the British Isles.  

Describe your most amazing experience while on one of the cruises.

That’s a tough one….we were on an expedition in 1993 in the Spice Islands of Indonesia with legends like Valerie and Ron Taylor and Lawrence Blair when we reached an island that hadn’t seen visitors for many years, if ever!  I think I was the first blonde person that they had ever encountered.  We were met with smiling faces but that quickly turned sour for some religious/political reasons regarding our arrival and we ended up being run off the island by some very angry locals.  It was memorable, scary and eye-opening!

An expedition cruise with Lindblad is quite different from your typical big ship cruises. How so?

At the heart of it we operate vessels no larger than 148 guests which means we can reach places that the big ships can’t.  So starting off, I believe that we take our guests to less visited places, which typically translates to more pristine and more interesting places.  This, coupled with the plethora of knowledge that is on board through our staff, naturalists and global perspective speakers gives our guests an exhilarating adventure, both mentally and physically.  We do not provide ‘passive’ travel, we are driven by the desire to create incredible memories for our guests.  

You have a line of new, shorter cruises to Europe coming up in 2016. What really stands out about these in particular?

This will be the first time that Lindblad Expeditions will be deploying a vessel in Europe for a full 22-week season and therefore we have developed a team of 5 people who have spent the last 6 months, and will spend the next 12 months, creating some really special experiences in the places that we will visit.  They are meeting the locals, finding the hidden gems and creating opportunities for our guests to see the Old World in a new light.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this upcoming Europe season, it’s going to be one to remember!


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