A super-luxe sailing yacht that combines the soul and style of a traditional Phinisi sailing boat with the luxuries of a world class hotel

Feel like an explorer of old. Raise the anchor and set sail for adventure

Cruise Around The Island Of Dragons


Indonesia is a veritable hotbed of beguiling islands, and the best way to experience them is with Rascal Charters – a super-luxe sailing yacht that combines the soul and style of a traditional Phinisi sailing boat with the luxuries of a world class hotel. You can set sail for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park or the diving Raja Ampat. Guests who set sail from Bali to Komodo will witness white and pink sand beaches, dramatic volcanic peaks, and deserted coves immersed by lush rainforests. While the Raja Ampat journey visits remote islands with extraordinary marine life like hawksbill sea turtles and lionfish. For extra barefoot fun, sea kayaking, surfing, snorkelling or scuba diving can be arranged.


Discover The Frozen Landscape Of Antarctica

MV Ortelius

A trip to the frozen world from the tip of South America has become a well-sailed route for those who want an Antarctic adventure. Set sail upon this former vessel for the Russian Academy of Sciences, and discover incredible wildlife and breathtaking icescapes. You’ll also see the huts built by [Robert] Scott and [Ernest] Shackleton, which still stand at the base of Mount Erebus.


Encounter The Wild Kimberly Region

True North

Join this sleek vessel as it cruises through the wild Kimberly region. Its ultimate tour, which takes you from Wyndham to Broome includes an expedition up a croc-filled river, treks to see ancient Aboriginal rock art and a heli picnic.The ship itself is the last word in luxury. The fact that it has its own helicopter might have given that fact away.


Cruise Down The Amazon

Aria Amazon

If you are looking for a jungle adventure, but don’t want to leave those little luxuries behind, set sail aboard the Aria Amazon. This chic ship that comprises 16 river facing suites, a spa and an on board Jacuzzi will take you deep into the jungle along the Amazon river. Along the way you can see toucans, macaws, pink dolphins and Amazon monkeys. You can kayak along the waterways or join the guides for a trek into the jungle. The team also offer hosted trips by food and adventure experts such as Chef Pedro Miguel and explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau.


Go Island Hopping In The Maldives

Sultan of the Seas

Chase those waves in style – charter on of the Sultans of the Seas yachts in the Maldives. Whether you’re looking for surfing breaks in the South of Male or you want to head to Baa to view sharks or mantas, you can island hop in style onboard Sultans of the Seas 001, 006 and 007. These are just two of the Sultans Safaris available – you can also try your hand at deep sea fishing or just clock up the miles cruising around your favourite archipelago.

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