The Hermitage is extraordinary for quality and quality. It’s said that if you spend a minute in front of each picture, you’ll be there for seven years.

Affordable Art Fair founder Will Ramsay flies all over the world in an attempt to bring art to the masses. The art aficionado, who has a collection himself of more than 200 pieces, highlights his favourite places to see art


New York, USA

The Frick Collection

It’s the best small museum in the world. The standout piece that I remember was Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor by Van Eyck. However, there are just lots of good quality pieces there and I love the modernist architecture of Manhattan.



Edinburgh, Scotland

Jupiter Artland

I love sculpture parks. There’s a fantastic one near Edinburgh called Jupiter Artland – you couldn’t get a cooler name than that could you? It also has the best Anish Kapoor I’ve ever seen.



London, UK

Sir John Soane’s Museum and Wallace Collection

I love London. It’s got some quirky museums and art galleries. Two that are worth visiting are the Sir John Soane’s Museum and Wallace Collection. They’re not big, well-known museums, but they have got really good interesting things.



Hamburg, Germany

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

The Kunst museum in Hamburg has my favourite piece of art – The Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich. It features a big high mountain that this guy’s climbed and the guy’s got style… he’s got a frock coat and a swagger stick… For me it’s about the stunning scenery and wind on your cheeks. It’s about conquering the world – so it’s sort of entrepreneurial as well.


St Petersburg, Russia

The Hermitage

Is extraordinary for quality and quality. It’s said that if you spend a minute in front of each picture you’ll be there for seven years.



Quick Fire Questions

Where have you just flown in from? 
From Scotland. Scottish Borders, south of Edinburgh, not far from the beautiful Northumbrian coast. I’ve lived there for about 14 years. We’ve got a family farm there and we have our little HQ there for the global business in a farm cottage.

What’s your favourite city?
I love a tranquil city. Three come to mind – Singapore with its greenery, Sydney with its harbour and Edinburgh with its cobbles and stunning Georgian architecture.


How often do you travel?
I travel for the art fairs. We’ve got fairs in places such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Hamburg, Stockholm and Singapore, so I’m away for about a third of the year.

Where is the most glamorous place that you’ve stayed?
It’s got to be the Jamaica Inn. And I got very excited that Michelle Pfeiffer was staying there at the same time.

Where is the least glamorous place that you’ve stayed?
Gosh, well, it was in my youth hostling days. There was a very grim hotel in Malawi called the Fuka Fuka Rest House.

Most interesting person you’ve met on your travels?
When I was in Berlin I met a guy who had been in the East German special forces and he was one of the producers of Planet Earth videos. He was also an Orthodox priest. He was 6ft3in, had a ponytail and looked a bit like Cruella De Vil. He was definitely an interesting guy.

What souvenir do you always bring home with you?
I think that souvenir shops can be overpriced and far too tacky. So I ham that up and take that to the extreme and every time I come home from travelling I gift my wife an airline refreshing towelette.


Affordable Art Fair Singapore is on from 18 to 20 November. 

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