Beautiful people and amazing music. The food is also spectacular.

Grammy winning singer Macy Gray gives us her picks for the best places to hear live music worldwide



Pasadena, USA

What you can expect to see there: Epic live shows.

Why I love it: Only the biggest artists in the world can play there.  So that’s the ultimate goal.

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London, UK

What you can expect to see there: Huge shows with major productions.

Why I love it: London is one of my favourite cities and basically where my music broke out of first. The UK has been very loyal and supportive of my music throughout my career.

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Indio, USA

What you can expect to see there: Beautiful people and amazing music.  The food is also spectacular.

Why I love it: It’s the perfect escape from Los Angeles, and I can hang backstage with so many great artists who I currently love listening to.

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Macy Gray will be performing at The Podium Lounge on 17 September 2017. The Podium Lounge, which is based just 200 metres from The Paddock Club, hosts Formula 1 drivers, royalty, celebrities each year for the post race partying.

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