You will be shown all the different types of Samurai swords before being given the chance to practise some of the ancient techniques.

You could perfect your tan on holiday… Or you could learn how to become a dog sled musher, Samurai or traditional bushman


Learn Samurai Sword Skills In Japan

Don a kimono and learn the ways of the Samurai with this mini masterclass in Tokyo. You will be shown all the different types of swords before being given the chance to practise some of the ancient techniques.


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Build A Ger in Mongolia

Head to the Mongolian Steppes to learn how to make a ger. You’ll find out how you can create the building that withstands the rain, wind and snow on one of the wildest places on Earth. You can join them in sanding the wood, creating the ties that binds the wood and even painting the final piece.


Learn Khmer Boxing In Cambodia

Feel like an Olympic champion when you book a khmer boxing lesson at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh. The martial art that is recorded in bas-relief by the early Khmers in the ancient temple of Angkor Wat, can now be learnt in the stadium that was built for the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games. Expect to use arms, elbows, knees and legs to power through your workout.

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Be An Elephant’s Mahout

Pack your ahem, trunk, and head to the airport. Thanks to the team at Anantara Resort Golden Triangle, you can now learn how to become a mahout. They offer a three-day mahout training course at their elephant camp in Chiang Rai. You will learn about the feeding requirements, daily care and the mahout lifestyle. You will also be taught basic ‘driving’ commands, which you will put to good use during your elephant driving test on the final day.


Be A Kalahari Bushman

If you’ve ever wondered if you could survive in the desert, why not join the Kalahari bushman for a survival skills lesson at Jack’s Camp in Botswana. You will learn how their ancestors used to live, learn how to forage for food and make a fire to cook it.


Learn How To Be A Gaucho 

Head to the foothills of the Andes for an experience that you’ll remember for ever. Estancia Huechahue invite guests to join them on their cattle ranch in Patagonia and learn how to become a fully fledged cowboy or girl. Depending on the time of year you could be vaccinating, separating, branding, moving cattle and horses to new pastures. Yee-ha!

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