We are aiming for about 50 countries per year

We talk to Grammy Award winner Joss Stone about her plans to perform in every country in the world over the next 10 years as part of her Total World Tour


UK soul singer Joss Stone shot to fame at the tender age of 16 with her multi-platinum album The Soul Sessions. She became the youngest female singer to top the UK charts and has now sold 14 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling artists of her time. So what’s her next challenge? Well, as she tells Travel by Lightfoot, she wants to see the world. Which is why over the next 10 years, Tom Cruise’s favourite singer plans to perform in every country in the world. Sounds like a tough feat? Not for Joss…

You said that you plan to visit every country in the world – how many have you done so far?

How do you plan to hit 196 in 10 years?
I have a wonderful team that are helping me with this mammoth mission. So bit by bit we work our way through this beautiful and interesting world. We go where the music wants to be heard, we are aiming for about 50 per year.

Where do you feel happiest?
At home in Devon, England

Which country do you visit the most?
Probably America but that has nothing to do with this tour. That is more for when we are promoting an album. The plan for the tour is that we do one gig in each country. So we try to stick to that.


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What was your favourite childhood holiday?
We didn’t have too many but the one I really remember and loved was when we visited Oludeniz in Turkey. Beautiful place and with lovely people. Was really fun and we still go back there now. Although it has changed a lot since I was a kid it’s still a really lovely place to visit.

What’s the most glamorous hotel you’ve stayed in?
I go for beauty over glamour. I am very excited to include the Maldives in the world tour and can’t wait to perform at PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi as part of their PULSE line-up.

Tell us about a holiday disaster:
I went to visit an island in the Virgin Islands and there were so many mosquitoes we cut our holiday short and left to spend the rest of our Holiday time in New York which was delightful

Which country will you never go back to?
There isn’t one… I don’t think so.

What’s the first thing you throw in your suitcase?
Knickers, socks and bras … It’s a good place to start

What’s your go-to phrase?
“To Mexico!” My sister and I were staying in Cabo San Lucas and the night was getting a bit boring, we were trying to decide which way to go to find the fun… So we stood in the street weighing our options. To our left were the Americanised bars and clubs and to our right was the bar with the local people drinking and dancing, not as posh but it would be fair to say that it was real compared to our other options. So Lucie pointed to her right and shouted…. “To Mexico!” Off we went and we had the time of our lives. Dancing all night long. So the phase “to Mexico” will live on forever, regardless of where we are.

Favourite places to shop when travelling:
I try not to go shopping whilst on holiday unless there is a vibey market place . Then I’m in like Flynn.


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