Click on that croissant or bowl of steaming noodles and then it will show you on Google maps how to get there

Make every trip stress free with the help of these fantastic travel apps. Whether you download one or download all – you won’t regret it.  


Postcard & Tag

A Pinterest for travel fans. Choose a city, then filter the postcards [pictures] left by other visitors. It’s a fast way to get hotel, restaurant and entertainment tips, which you can then save to your own page. The app enables you to filter the postcards to suit your budget. Visit



Foodie addicts will love this free app that enables you to find the perfect restaurant wherever you land. Just scroll through the latest posts from other food fans, then click on that croissant or bowl of steaming noodles and then it will show you on Google maps how to get there. Visit

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Packing Pro

Heading off on a trip and don’t know what to take, then download Packing Pro now. All you need to do is type in the location and how many days you’re going for and then it will give you a list of what you need to pack for that trip. You can store your lists too – so if you’re going on another skiing trip, you don’t need to type the information back in again. And it will even give you a reminder when you need to renew your passport. Download from the Apple Store


Trip It

This will scan all your flight and hotel info and save it in one folder for you. So you don’t need to frantically scroll through your emails while standing at the check-in counter. Visit


Lounge Buddy

On a long haul flight and in desperate need of a shower, massage or a desk space where you can do a little work? Then download Lounge Buddy now. This app will let you track down your nearest lounge when you’re at the airport and book lounge access before you even touch down. Visit


Luxe City Guides

Everyone’s favourite little books have now gone online with the Luxe Guide app. You can download info on 25 different cities. And if you are only on the ground for 24 hours you can down its Luxe Day itinerary that is designed to give you the highlights of that city. You’re also sure to love the fact that you’ll have offline access to maps so you won’t be spending all your hard-earnt cash on roaming fees. Visit Luxe City Guides




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