Blue-footed boobies sea turtles, giant tortoises… You won’t miss a thing if you take an island hopping tour around the Galapagos.

If you can’t bear to stay in one place for too long, how about a holiday that takes you island hopping?



Cruise Through The Greek Islands


Create your own Greek odyssey. Charter a yacht and set sail from Athens to the picturesque isles of Kea, Syros, Mykonos, Delos, Paros and Kythnos. Enroute you can discover ancient temples, quaint villages, mouthwatering seafood and if you stop at Kythnos, thermal springs. You won’t want to travel any other way again.

You’ll Need: Seven Days.



Sail Around Indonesia In A Traditional Phinisi Boat

Pulau Moyo-Komodo National Park or Pulau Moyo-Raja Ampat

Wake each morning at a different destination in the Indonesian archipelago. Set sail from Amanwana to tour Komodo National Park or the diving wonderland of 1,500 islands that is Raja Ampat. While Amandira has the appearance of a ship from times gone by, it also has some 21st-century perks, including its own chef and dive master.

You’ll Need: Seven Days



Go Island Hopping By Plane In Hawaii

Kauai-Maui-Big Island-Oahu

Explore the 50th State by land, sea and air. You can start with a trek through Waimea Canyon in Kauai then catch a flight to Maui where you can fly by helicopter over volcanoes and waterfalls and along the island’s rugged shoreline. Move on to the Big Island to go snorkelling in Kealakekua Bay or enjoy a horseback ride along a black sand beach. Then visit Oahu to see Pearl Harbor, watch surfers in Waikiki and if you’re feeling brave enough go shark diving. Now that’s what you call an unforgettable Hawaiian adventure. 

You’ll Need: 14 Days.



Go From Ship To Shore In Fiji


Climb aboard the Gipsea yacht and set sail for Malolo, Monuriki and Navadra. You can drop anchor and explore the islands or reefs then enjoy dinner on the beach. You can then go ashore and rest your head at Mana Island before you set sail the following day for Likuiku Lagoon. Wrap up your Fijian adventure with three nights on Matangi Island, which is filled with lush rainforest, white beaches and crystal clear sea.

You’ll Need: 10 Days.



Tour The Galapagos Islands By Boat

Floreana-Isabela-Santa Cruz

Blue-footed boobies sea turtles, giant tortoises… You won’t miss a thing if you take an island hopping tour around the Galapagos. Climb aboard your boat at the colonial city of Quinto then set sail for Floreana island, which is home to Darwin’s finches and frigate birds, before you move on to the living volcano that is Isabela island. And finally there is Santa Cruz island, where you will discover the giant tortoise. You stay on the boat during the day, then go ashore at night to stretch out those sea legs.

You’ll Need: 10 Days.



Discover the British Virgin Islands By Boat

Tortola-Norman Island-Savannah Bay-Dog Islands-Anegada-Trellis Bay-Jost Van Dyck

Charter a boat and sail around the British Virgin Islands archipelago. Get ready to swim with turtles, relax on white sand beaches and relax with a sundowner at a local beach bar. Within eight days you should be able to sail from Tortola to Norman Island and drop anchor at Savannah Bay, Dog Islands, Anegada, Trellis Bay and Jost Van Dyck. Divers shouldn’t leave home without their fins. It will be a holiday that you will never forget.

You’ll Need: Eight Days.



Go Island Hopping In The Antarctic

Tierra del Fuego-Ainsworth Bay-Wulaia Bay-Cape Horn

Who says that island hopping needs to take place in sunny climes. Go to the extreme and cruise through the fjords of Tierra del Fuego. During your four-day journey, you can go island hopping from Ainsworth Bay, Wulaia Bay and around the legendary Cape Horn. Along the way you can spy jawdropping glaciers and historical sites. A trip for the bucket list.

You’ll Need: Four Days

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