With jungle vines forming your backdrop, you’ll feel as if you’re starring in a Tarzan movie.

If you’re looking for a mini adventure, take the plunge in one of these swimming pools created by nature

The One With A Legend

Falls Of Falloch, Loch Lomond, Scotland

This natural plunge pool provides a welcome break for hikers. It’s known to locals as ‘Rob Roy’s Bathtub’. Whether the legendary Scottish hero took a dip here or not, who knows? But you need to be made of tough stuff to handle this Baltic-temperature water.

Paddy McDougall


The One With Icebergs

Polar Plunge, Antarctica

Swim with the sea lions as you take the plunge in this icy water. They call it the Polar Plunge for one reason – you won’t want to do any swimming here. The most you can handle is a quick dip before you’re rushing to grab a towel and put on some warm clothes.


The One With Mineral-Rich Waters

Cenotes, Mexico

Within the Yucatan area of Mexico you’ll find an array of groundwater pools that sparkle with mineral-rich algae. With jungle vines forming your backdrop, you’ll feel as if you’re starring in a Tarzan movie. One of the most popular is Cenote Ik Kil near Piste.



The One On Top Of A Waterfall

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Swim above the ‘smoke that thunders’ – take a dip in the Devil’s Pool. Each year, during the dry season a natural pool forms at the top of the falls. With huge torrents of water gushing over the edge just metres away from where you are swimming, it has to be the ultimate infinity pool.


The One With Multiple Pools

Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos

This landlocked nation features possibly one of the world’s most picturesque natural swimming pools. Tucked away in the jungle, you’ll find the Kuang Si Waterfall, which features an array of swimming holes all filled by the tumbling waterfall.

Mark Gamblin Flickr


The One Surrounded By Spas

Lake Tegernsee, Munich, Germany

This crystal-clear lake is the perfect place to cool off in a Bavarian summer. You can relax in one of the three beach clubs dotted around the shoreline or find a quiet bay where you can have a picnic after you have taken the plunge.



The One Shaped Like A Heart

Killarney Glen, Gold Coast, Australia

Take a 2.5km hike to this romantic oasis. You can leap into the jade water or choose a more gentle stroll along the river. Apart from the heart-shaped plunge pool there are other nooks and crannies that you can explore.

Kenneth Ware Flickr


Photography Mark Gamblin/Flickr, Kirsty Wen/Flickr, Maxsay Milan/Flickr, Uknaus/Flicker, Peralon/Flickr, Kenneth Ware/Flickr, Paddy McDougall/Flickr


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