We decided that our bucketlist will no longer consist of countries, but seas, oceans and the adventure of crossing them

When you have the world at your feet what’s top of your bucket list? We asked some of the world’s most well-known travel bloggers where they would like to go in 2017


#TakeMeThere: Bhutan

“I would love to go to Bhutan. Not only because it is a country that limits mass entry, but because I am fascinated with the concept of Gross Domestic Happiness.”

Becki Enright, www.bordersofadventure.com


#TakeMeThere: Rwanda

“The country that is on the top of our bucket list for 2017 is Rwanda. We’ve always wanted to trek to see the gorillas and have yet to do so. There are less than 1,000 gorillas in the wild and Rwanda is the prime location to see them. While we’re there we want to trek to see the golden monkeys that are located in the bamboo forest near the gorillas. Seeing primates in the wild is one of the most magical experiences on earth and we can’t wait to visit Rwanda to spend some time with them.”

Dave and Deb, www.theplanetd.com


“My bucketlist for 2017 includes Rwanda, a country I am travelling to in February and couldn’t be more excited about it!”

Kirstin Addis, www.bemytravelmuse.com


#TakeMeThere: Papua New Guinea

“Our bucket list is a fairly crowded field, but Papua New Guinea comes to mind.  It’s one of those long-time entries of ours that has slipped our grasp a number of times. It has been on our minds, particularly for its biodiversity, ever since we read Guns, Germs and Steel, an anthropological macrohistory book by Jared Diamond.”

Daniel Noll, www.uncorneredmarket.com

Yali Mabel, the chief of Dani tribe, Papua, Indonesia


#TakeMeThere: Goa

“One of the countries I would love to visit in 2017 is India and more specifically, Goa. We had our first taste of India two years ago and loved it. We are now really looking forward to exploring this area with its beautiful beaches.”

Ana Silva O’Reilly, www.mrsoaroundtheworld.com


#TakeMeThere: The Faroe Islands

“For us, our bucket list destination has to be the Faroe Islands. Nestled in between Iceland and Scotland, this tiny country has an incredible charm and breathtaking natural beauty that’s beautiful to explore.”

Lloyd and Yaya, www.handluggageonly.co.uk


#TakeMeThere: South Korea

“This 2017, I want to visit South Korea because of its rich culture, to know more about its ancient traditions, try authentic Korean food, experience its colourful festival and meet their warm and gentle people.”
Mervin, www.pinoyadventurista.com


#TakeMeThere: Iceland

“Even before travel to Iceland became trendy, this country has been on my ever-growing bucket list. Norway is one of my favourite travel destinations and I imagine Iceland is just as stunning. Waking up in a camper van with a view of a waterfall is the ultimate dream.”

Christy, ordinarytraveler.com


#TakeMeThere: California To Oceania

“For the past three years, Antarctica had been at the top of our travel goals bucket list and we finally crossed the Drake Passage from Chilean Patagonia to the Drake Passage on the 7th December. What this means however, is that we’re going to need a whole new bucketlist rethink for 2017. After giving this a lot of thought, we decided that our bucketlist will no longer consist of countries, but seas, oceans and the adventure of crossing them. Jonathan has been dreaming of sailing around the world since we got engaged on a sailing trip across the Caribbean about two years ago, so next year we’ll be buying a boat to live aboard and sail around the world. Why are we doing this? There are still many countries we want to visit all over the world, but lately we have been missing the adventure of the good old days when we first started out travelling, so this is something that we definitely give us this back again!”

Kach and Jonathan, www.twomonkeystravelgroup.com



#TakeMeThere: Canada

In 2017, I wish to check off Canada on my travel bucket list! I’ve been eyeing this mammoth country for so long, and it’s my hope that I can soon explore its vast unspoilt forests, lakes, mountains and terrains.”

Aileen Adalid, www.iamaileen.com


#TakeMeThere: Lebanon

“I’d love to go to Lebanon. I am really curious about the various cultures that date back thousands of years. My travels are usually composed of culinary experiences and I would like to live with a Lebanese family to know their cuisine deeper. Not just eating it, but cooking it!”

Trisha Velarmino, psimonmyway.com


#TakeMeThere: Japan

“The one country we are dying to visit in 2017 is Japan. For us, it is a country that’s so unique and fascinating, so different from anywhere else we’ve been too. From the hustle and bustle of Tokyo to culture and temples of Kyoto to the stunning scenery at Hakone, there’s just so much to see and do. Also, from a filming perspective, we love showcasing all the weird and wonderful things that a country has and we can imagine things would get extremely interesting in a county like Japan!”

Macca Sherifi and Brianna Wiens, www.abritandabroad.com


#TakeMeThere: Mongolia

“Mongolia is on my short list for 2017, and it’s largely because of the untouched nature in the country. I have a yearning for unadulterated beauty untouched by man. I’ve spent a good part of this year countries bustling with development and activity; Mongolia’s vast deserts and sweeping mountainscapes appeal for the very fact that it’s so unlike anywhere else on earth. It’s this massive country with a tiny population rich in cultural heritage. My goal for traveling through Mongolia is to take a respite from technology and the connectedness of life and instead I hope to reconnect to nature.”

Shannon O’Donnell, A Little Adrift


#TakeMeThere: Mexico

“Having visited 120 countries to date, there are so many places, such as Iceland, that I want to return to for a second trip in 2017, but my top pick for a new-to-me destination is Tulum and Isla Mujeres in Mexico. While I’ve been to the touristy resort area of Cancun a handful of times—it’s long been a popular Spring Break destination and cruise port for Americans—I’ve not seen much more of the Yucatan Peninsula beyond that, and it’s rife in so many things I’d love to do: swimming in the glimmering Caribbean Sea, diving with whale sharks, exploring the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, swimming through cenotes, and just kicking back and relaxing in a hammock on the secluded beaches of Holbox”

Kristin Luna, Camels & Chocolate

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