A stand-out quality is they are a warm water oyster. They have a distinct flavour and with a glass of good white wine are beautiful.

Chef Kiran Jethwa travels the world searching for the wildest ingredients for his TV show Extreme Food. Here he reveals five foods he’d make the trip for time and time again



Where you can find it: Quirimba Archipelago, Mozambique. They are not unique to this part of the world, but this is a place you are guaranteed to find them.

Why it’s worth the journey: First of all this is one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the East African coast, that is reason enough to visit. To get dog-tooth tuna you have to spear them while free diving. It’s extremely challenging, but when you enter this underwater paradise and are eventually successful it is incredibly rewarding. Then you have the fish itself, the flesh light pink in colour, the same texture as tuna but a far more delicate flavor. Its fantastic and worth the journey and effort.



Where you can find it: Streets of Kampala in Uganda

Why it’s worth the journey: One of the culinary finds of my life. When I first ate them the idea scared me. Take the most delicious deep fried shrimp you have ever had…….these are better. They are commonly available on the streets of Kampala and worth every bit of the effort to get them- they will really surprise you.



Where you can find it: Jungles of Borneo

Why it’s worth the journey: On a trip into the Jungles of Sarawak, the Malaysian part of Borneo in search of wild pig we went on a night-time foraging mission for frogs. They are a delicacy there. We caught a few and the tribal cook I was with sautéed them with ginger garlic and soy. They are a perfect white meat that is ridiculously delicate in texture. Genuinely a lot better than any frogs legs I have eaten in France. The icing on the cake is the Jungles of Sarawak are pristine and a privilege to trek in, so well worth the journey



Where you can find it: Kilifi Creek, Kenya

Why it’s worth the journey: To date we do not have any farmed oysters in Kenya. We only get wild oysters and the best place to find them is Kilifi. They are small and packed with flavour. A stand-out quality is they are a warm water oyster. Most oysters you get in restaurants are cold water. They have a distinct flavour and with a glass of good white wine are beautiful. The Kenyan coast for me is one of the most incredible in the world and provides the perfect back-drop for wild oysters and good wine!



Where you can find it: Zambia

Why it’s worth the journey: The soil in the forests around Mkushi in Zambia are clay based. At certain times of the year, just after the rains wild Mushrooms boom. On a foraging mission we managed to collect 9 different varieties, including Chanterelles, Porcini, Portobello and a few others I could not identify that were all delicious. Without question the best wild mushroom picking experience of my life and well worth the experience!

Kiran will be appearing on the New Year special of Food Unwrapped on 2nd January on Channel 4. His show Extreme Food will continue on Channel 4 in spring 2017. To follow Chef Kiran on his adventures visit @ChefKiranJethwa

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