Simon Cameron

Founder & Managing Director (Middle East)

Since the day Simon’s family moved to Sri Lanka when he was eleven, he has been hooked on travel. Whenever he had a break from university or work he would head off somewhere: as an apprentice hunting guide in Zimbabwe, a deck hand delivering yachts down to the Mediterranean, a barman in the French Alps, or trekking through Nepal up to Everest base camp.

After a few years working in London in the internet and technology sector, and then private banking, Simon decided to embark on a more unusual career working in risk management consultancy in post conflict zones and emerging markets. He spent a fascinating decade working throughout Asia, establishing and running operations in Kabul, Kuwait, Baghdad, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo and finally Singapore.

However, his aim was always to start something unique. There was a gap in the Asian market for a true bespoke luxury tour operator, and Simon seized on this opportunity and founded Lightfoot Travel in Singapore. At the end of 2015 he decided it was time for a new challenge and moved to Dubai, a city he had lived in and loved years ago, to work on growing Lightfoot’s business throughout the Middle East.

Discussions with Tribal Chiefs - Ghazni, Southern Afghanistan