Senior Travel Designer (SG)

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Matt’s passion for all things nature and travel began from an early age. Growing up, family vacations revolved mainly around self-drive holidays across southern Africa; exploring various wildlife-rich nature reserves and rugged mountainous regions as well as a particularly memorable trip driving up all along the desolate Namibian coastline.

An engineer by training and an aspiring photographer, Matt longed for a change in direction and jumped at the opportunity to join the travel industry, joining another luxury tour operator in Singapore, specializing in African safaris, self-driving through the Kruger National Park and getting charged by elephants on foot in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania along the way.

Since moving to Singapore a number of years ago, Matt’s thirst for adventure and new experiences has led him further afield; from trekking through the Indonesian rainforests in search of the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan to exploring the legendary Galapagos Islands.