Head of Sales (HK)

Growing up, holidays tended to revolve around Europe from family camping trips to France and holidays with friends to the Canaries. However, there was always a desire to go further afield and in 2004, freshly released from university, the long awaited ‘year out travels’ commenced. This trip took Keira to amazing and far flung places such as Mexico, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, but it was on the final jaunt through Asia that the travel bug really set in.

Returning to the UK, a job in travel seemed to be the obvious choice and Keira spent six years working for one of the leading UK-based luxury tour operators. However, her love affair with Asia was not over and this culminated with a move to Hong Kong in 2012. Now, not only does she get to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, the rest of Asia is literally on her doorstep!