Senior Travel Designer (SG)

Originally from Cambridge in the UK, Chris headed off to the airport on his first big adventure as soon as he turned 18, spending 3 months travelling through Japan, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He knew travel was his future, and upon his return to the UK he picked the most travel related degree he could find, Geography. His dissertation on the effects of tourism in a small fishing village in Malawi meant visiting the country multiple times and offered the opportunity to travel extensively through Sub Saharan Africa.
After his graduation, Chris started a hugely successful career at the UK’s largest independent travel agency, being quickly promoted into a management role. In 2017 made the cross continental leap to Singapore, coming to work for Lightfoot Travel.
If you are looking to drive across the US in a Mustang; scuba dive some of the world’s best reefs in the Caribbean, Australia and The Maldives; get up close with iconic wildlife such as orangutans in Borneo, Great White Sharks in South Africa, bengal tigers in India and snow leopards in Kazakhstan; or undertake iconic rail journeys like the luxury Venice to London Orient Express; Chris has the extensive firsthand knowledge to put together a trip that promises to be truly unforgettable.