Who is Lightfoot Travel?

Lightfoot Travel is a luxury tour operator with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, offering a fresh take on experiential travel to countries spanning all seven continents.

We seek to craft quality, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, whether you’re a family looking to whisk the kids away somewhere fun yet educational, honeymooners wanting a combination of adventure and relaxation, or corporate travellers putting together an incentive break for your top earners. We pride ourselves on giving honest and impartial advice based on our own personal travels and experiences, so that you feel safe planning your holiday in the hands of a destination specialist with first-hand knowledge.

Above all we offer a highly personalised service not found when booking with standard travel agencies or online – from the minute you make contact to the moment you return.

Where is Lightfoot Travel located?

We have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and a representative office in Dubai. Being located in these core markets enables us to regularly visit the properties we recommend and ensure our knowledge is relevant and updated for the benefit of our clients.

Why book with Lightfoot Travel?

Bottom line – first-hand knowledge and experience. Our destination experts regularly travel to the countries they sell and we partner with the best people on the ground to look after our clients whilst on holiday.

Booking with Lightfoot Travel lets you utilise the expertise of your Travel Designer and craft a bespoke holiday together that is perfectly suited to your needs – completely hassle-free.

From which hotels have interconnecting rooms for young children and which restaurants offer gluten-free breakfast pastries, to what brand of car seats are provided and what factor sun cream a hotel sells (we’ve had this question!) – these are all the things that we figure out for you, so that you can embark on your holiday secure in the knowledge that your needs have been well taken care of.

What exactly is bespoke travel?

Bespoke travel is a service whereby specialist Travel Designers create your holiday as per your requirements and requests. Be it treks through the Himalayas or diving with mantas in the Maldives, we personalise your holiday experience exactly how you’d like it. No two holidays are ever the same, so rest assured that you aren’t being sold a pre-packaged itinerary that might be far from your idea of the perfect holiday.

What is your pricing guide based on?

This is based on a nightly rate:

 USD 300-450
 USD 451-600
 USD 601-1000
 USD 1001-3000
 USD 3001-6000
Is booking with Lightfoot more expensive than booking online?

We pride ourselves in providing excellent value above all else and have spent years building up our relationships with hotels and suppliers. As a result, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing.

If you are looking to do a simple one-stop holiday to a beach destination for example, we should be no more expensive than if you booked the holiday yourself online. If you are comparing our prices to a hotel website, please do note that our rates will always include breakfast and all taxes and service fees – which hotel websites don’t always add on at the outset!

If you have come to us with a longer touring itinerary, such as a month-long Latin America sabbatical or a trekking expedition to Bhutan, there will be a small surcharge on the itinerary that we present to you. As mentioned above, no two itineraries are the same and each takes a significant amount of time to put together. If you were to check the cost of each individual component of a month-long itinerary we may come out slightly above, but we think that this is justified by the time and effort we put into crafting your holiday – and we hope you do too!

How does Lightfoot Travel ensure that the countries it recommends are safe to travel to? What do we do in the event of an emergency situation?

In each country that we send our clients to, we work with trusted ground handlers whose job it is to advise us on the current political situation and any threats that may affect our clients. We also pay close attention to the news and are very aware of what is going on where.

In the event of a cancellation due to political risks or natural disasters, we will of course do everything in our power to reimburse our clients. However, we strongly recommend that our clients purchase travel insurance in order to safely insure themselves against any eventuality. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

In the event of an emergency, your first point of contact should be your ground handler for the trip. All our Travel Designers are also contactable on the emergency number, as indicated on your final travel documents.

Singapore citizens may also wish to register their travel with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hong Kong citizens can register their travel with the Hong Kong Government.

Is my holiday financially protected?

Unlike Europe, there is no equivalent to ATOL & ABTA in Singapore or Hong Kong. However, the rules for operating a travel firm in both these jurisdictions is far more stringent than in the UK, in that we are licensed by the government to sell holidays. The process of acquiring a license is very thorough and is renewed annually subject to us meeting financial and management criteria. All travel operators in Singapore and Hong Kong have to be independently audited and their accounts reviewed by the Singapore government. In terms of insurance, we are protected and have insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London. Please view our Singapore Travel License and Hong Kong Travel License.

Does Lightfoot Travel provide travel insurance?

We recommend that you seek the assistance of a qualified insurance broker, according to the type of holiday you are booking.

Singapore and Hong Kong residents may approach the team during their enquiry for a referral to an insurance broker.

Can Lightfoot Travel organize my visa to the relevant countries?

We do not organise visas, but can certainly help point you in the right direction in terms of how to obtain them!

Can Lightfoot Travel advise on vaccinations and health related issues?

We recommend that you seek a qualified opinion from your doctor, according to the countries you are visiting and activities you would be partaking in.

Does Lightfoot Travel accept credit cards?

Yes we do take Mastercard, Visa and American Express; additional service fees between 2% – 3.95% are applicable.

Can you book corporate travel through Lightfoot Travel?

Yes you can. We specialise in the following corporate travel services:

  • Corporate Incentive Travel
  • Management Meetings Off-site
  • Travel Prize Management

For us at Lightfoot Travel, it’s all about helping you motivate, communicate, thank and reward. Our aim is simple. We want to create life-enhancing, memorable and enriching experiences solely through the medium of travel.

Please visit our Corporate Travel pages for samples of previous trips we have done.