Your holiday begins with a dream, an idea, a wish to go somewhere spectacular – you’re on the hunt for the trip of a lifetime. But where do you begin? The internet is a labyrinth of information filled with endless hotel listings, generic activity recommendations, and more photographs than you could ever hope to browse through. Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Enter Lightfoot Travel.

Instead of bombarding you with suggestions and overwhelming you with options, we listen to what you have to say and then use that information to create something that fits you to a T.

Still not quite sure how to begin? Here’s a quick little guide to help you speed through the nitty gritty and get straight to the fun part!

1Get In Touch

Click on the handy Contact Us tab at the top right of your screen – here you’ll find ways to get in touch with our Travel Designers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

2Introduce Yourself

Aside from the specifics of your trip, your consultant is genuinely interested in getting to know you as well as possible to ensure your holiday is really just what you had in mind.

3Receive Your Quote

After a preliminary discussion with your Travel Designer, you’ll receive a quote via email within 2 working days.

4Refine Your Plan

We understand that people’s schedules, ideas and preferences change constantly. This is where we sit down and really fine-tune your itinerary so that the final result is exactly how you want it.

5Get the Go-Ahead

Once you’re happy with the plan, we require a 30% deposit and completion of our booking form. Upon receiving both of these we will confirm all reservations included in your itinerary. If you are travelling less than 10 weeks prior to the departure date, full payment will be required.

6Voice Pre-trip Concerns

Even after your holiday is booked, you’re likely to have further questions or requests. Feel free to contact your Travel Designer to add an activity, make a restaurant reservation, or just have a chat about your upcoming trip. We’re happy to do anything that will make your holiday smoother.

7Receive Your Final Documents

Approximately four weeks before departure you will receive your travel documents, which will contain day-by-day details of your upcoming trip presented in a booklet. As well as the detailed itinerary, you will also find all sorts of additional information, from restaurant recommendations to driving instructions, and an overview of the country (or countries) you are visiting.

8Tell Us All About It

Nothing makes our Travel Designers happier than detailed feedback. Upon your return, we’ll be dying to hear what you thought of our recommendations, the service you received, and all the little details that made your holiday special. Of course, we’re always happy to hear how we can improve for your future holidays as well.

Not every enquiry follows this exact process. Find out Friday morning that you have the following Monday off? Give us a call and we’ll have you booked on that flight to Bali before lunchtime!