Ever dreamed of embarking on an Antarctic Cruise? If so, take advantage of our incredible flash sale offering a whopping US$ 5,295-10,345 per person for cruises to both the Antarctic Peninsula as well as the Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica aboard the Sea Adventurer, Ocean Diamond and Ocean Endeavour.

Contact us for specific cruise dates and details starting from 06 November 2016 to 06 March 2017.

This flash sale is valid on bookings made before 23 September 2016 at 12:00 EST.

Booking Period

20/09/2016 to 06/03/2017

Sea Adventurer Information

Location & Getting There:

The Sea Adventurer runs regular expeditions departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, Punta Arenas, Chile, Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and other ports, depending on the particular trip. Contact your Lightfoot Travel specialist for details.


The Sea Adventurer accommodates up to 117 guests in 57 outside cabins. Every guest room is outfitted with natural light, warm wood panelling, an ensuite bath, and an exterior view. The Owner’s Suite, new for the 2017 season, offers the ultimate ocean liner experience. Feel like a captain in a spacious cabin with a work area and a comfortable lounge, from where you can command your ship, or better yet, sit back with a cocktail in hand and let the crew take care of steering the course.


-Dining room
-Presentation room
-Fitness room
-Fleet of Zodiacs


Whether it’s exploring the Antarctic, crossing the Circle, cruising the Northwest Passage, or journeying in either polar region, a voyage on the Sea Adventurer will bring breathtaking experiences and lifelong memories. Travel through waters dotted with icebergs, gazing at snow-covered mountains beyond. Spot black-tie penguins and humpback whales. Set out on the Zodiacs, heading for shore to experience the immense wilderness up close. Visit remote villages, learning about traditional fishing and hunting techniques from the friendly inhabitants. Hike through cliffs, inlets, and refreshing streams. Then retire to the comfort of the ship, where a delicious meal, a friendly smile, and an inviting cabin await.


The Sea Adventurer welcomes adventurers of every age.

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