Xi’an In A Weekend

Xi’an, in the Shaanxi Province, is often considered the place where Chinese civilization began. Having been the capital of the Empire three times, Xi’an played a decisive role in the history of the country.

Get immersed in and explore the rich cultural heritage of Xi’an, the once administrative site and a hub of commerce on the Silk Road, in a weekend!

Day 1: Arrival into Xi'an

On your way to the hotel, you will get the opportunity to visit the Jingdi tomb, better known as “Han Yangling”. The tomb, opened to the public in 2006, houses a multitude of figurines representing eunuchs, servers and domestic animals. You will walk on a glass panel over the different pits and will be able to observe closely the most recently uncovered statuettes. The site also contains a small museum showing the items in the best condition.

After checking into Sofitel and relaxing for a while, you will visit a Chinese-style Mosque. During the day of the Silk Road, Muslim merchants from Central Asia came to China to do business and left their influence in Xi’an. Several Muslim minorities (totaling 15 million inhabitants) now live in China.  The neighborhood surrounding the mosque is vibrant and it houses a number of butcher shops and different sorts of stores where men wear white skull caps and women wear colorful headscarves.

At dinner, you can appreciate the unique ambiance of a night market as you dine on the neighborhood’s specialties of spiced lamb kebabs, flat bread and mutton soup with noodles.

Stay: Sofitel Xi'An

Day 2: Xi'an

You will first visit the Terra Cotta Warriors, which is aboutan hour’s ride outside of Xi’an.  It is said that Qin Shi Huangdi built a mausoleum to have his immense army of infantrymen, archers, and cavalry riders to protect him in the afterlife. Historians theorize that the Emperor may have wanted to rule the world from the afterlife. The statues you can view are separated in three pits. You will begin with the pits number 2 (that is still being excavated) and number 3 (that shelters the majority of items).  You will end with pit number 1, the most impressive one with about 2000 warriors. Otherwise there is a small museum on site that houses two splendid bronze chariots found in 1980 west of the mausoleum. You can now see them on display along with other artifacts.

Transfer back to Xi’an and visit of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, a symbol of Xi’an and one of the most beautiful pagodas in the country. It is known for its square form – characteristic of Tang dynasty design. In front of the temple area there is a statue dedicated to one of the main sources of the diffusion in Buddhism in China – Xuan Zang, a monk famous for bringing the sutras from India to China.

Next, you will go to the Stele Forest, located in the Confucius Temple and comprising over a thousand steles, of which the oldest were engraved 2000 years ago. It is the largest collection of steles in the entire country, and one of the best with several notable examples of Confucian classics that the educated had to learn in Imperial China. In addition, this superb visit boasts portraits, cards and sculptures.

Stay: Sofitel Xi'An

Day 3: Depart from Xi'an

Your day will start with a trip to the Shaanxi History Museum, a leading light on the ever-growing list of high quality museums in China. The museum offers excellent collections from the period of the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) through to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), but it is certainly the pieces from the Han and Tang dynasty – Xi’an’s imperial period, that are the most impressive. Then, later you will be taken to Tang Dynasty Art Museum for a Calligraphy Course, one of the bedrocks of Chinese culture and a truly artistic pursuit.

Transfer to Xi’an airport for return flight



Duration Description Overnight
Day 1: Arrival into Xi'an Sofitel Xi'An
Day 2: Xi'an Sofitel Xi'An
Day 3: Depart from Xi'an



  • Accommodation as per above itinerary in twin share/double rooms with daily Buffet Breakfast included
  • Private air-conditioned coach for all transfer and sightseeing
  • English Speaking local guide service
  • Entrance fee to all tourist sites as per above itinerary
  • 24 hour emergency contact

Not Included

  • International airfares
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Gratuity to guides, drivers and porters
  • Personal expenses
  • Early check-in or late check-out
  • Overweight luggage
  • Travel insurance (please note that this is required for all Lightfoot Travel holidays)


Sofitel, Xi’an

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