Tribal Adventures in Papua New Guinea

Traverse deep into the heart of Papua New Guinea with this 8-night trip of a lifetime.

Cruise along the jungle-fringed waterways of the Karawari River and discover the gorgeous landscapes of Mount Hagen and Tufi village surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Solomon Sea.

Visit stilted villages that line the edges of the waterways and explore the rainforest and rivers of Karawari. You will learn all about the art and culture of the local people and how they make their incredible masks, drums, baskets and sculptures all by hand. A guide will take you to meet the Melpa people who live near Mount Hagen City and will teach you about their unique culture. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the Hagen Range and embark on the most beautiful flights of your life, around a volcano and over the mountain ridges of Papua New Guinea.

Cap your trip at Tufi, a small village at the other end of the PNG spectrum surrounded by clear waters – an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling.


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1: Karawari Lodge, Karawari River 2: Rondon Ridge, Mount Hagen 3: Tufi Lodge, Tufi