Skeleton Coast


Visiting Namibia's Skeleton Coast is a once in a lifetime experience to see one of the most inhospitable, yet dramatically beautiful and completely wild places in the world.

There is so much to see in and around the Skeleton Coast from shipwrecks, wind-swept plains, seal colonies, huge canyons, rolling sand dunes and beautiful salt pans. There are fresh water springs dotted around which attract an abundance of wildlife.

Visit the homes of the nomadic Himba people, who still dress and live according to their ancient tradition. There are two ways to experience this incredible part of northern Namibia – by air or road. Helicoptor tours are an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

This newly opened luxury safari camp lies among sand dunes overlooking a dry riverbed and waterhole in the Hoanib River Valley, in Namibia’s northern Damaraland, an area with a rich divers…

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Serra Cafema

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Serra Cafema is located in the extreme north-west of Namibia on the banks of the Kunene River in the Hartmann Valley. The Kunene River is the only permanent source of water in this region, t…

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Skeleton Coast Safaris

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

A unique fly-in desert experience with the Schoeman family in Namibia. The Skeleton Coast conjures up mysterious visions of mist-enshrouded beaches strewn with bleached whalebones and rus…

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