When compiling a list of the most popular travel destinations, Iran seldom makes the cut. But it should. Because for adventurous travellers seeking colourful bazaars, incredible architecture, rural mountain villages, and over 2500 years of Persian history, Iran makes the perfect holiday spot.

Perhaps you’ve never stopped to imagine what lies beyond the country’s borders. Or if you have, you picture the turquoise-tiled domes of Naqsh-e Jahan Square against a clear blue sky, the dusty red arrangements of the Elamite ziggurat at Choga Zanbil, or the powerful beauty of the ancient capital of Persepolis.

What you might not expect are the deserts fringed with dramatic snow capped mountain peaks. Or the valleys carpeted in flowers, a blanket of blue, yellow, and white. Riverbanks and bridges lined with young and old, enjoying the warm night air. A gastronomic delight of spices and flavours that burst forth from colourful dishes topped with pomegranate, mint, and herbs. Or vibrant cities where buzzing restaurants and fashionable boutiques line enormous central squares and leafy boulevards.

Little is understood about Iran, but open your mind and your heart and you’ll be rewarded with one of the world’s most richly layered cultures. Enquire with your Lightfoot Travel Designer to learn more about expertly crafted holidays to this enigmatic land.