The 7,107 islands of the Philippines lie strewn across the turquoise ocean like glittering white marbles. In between are linking chains of pristine coral reef, lagoons and atolls, and deep-sea reaches; unsurprisingly snorkelling and diving in the Philippines is some of the best in the world.

Plunge your head beneath the water and enter a kaleidoscopic realm of coral labyrinths teeming with all manner of strange and wonderful sea creatures, from rays to seahorses to dolphins. There are thriving marine parks with rare and endangered species and protected reefs, and mysterious sunken ships that lie silently on the ocean floor.

The archipelago is an idyllic setting for most water sports. Big Pacific rollers make it a top surf spot, while there’s deep-sea fishing, parasailing, island hopping and much more.

Diving & Snorkelling Experiences

Siargao Dive Adventures

Experience some sensational diving with vast underwater caverns and some time hopping between Robinson Crusoe islands off the coast.


Diving & Snorkelling Properties


Dedon Island

Not far from the legendary Cloud 9 surf break on the remote island of Siargao, lies Dedon Island, a luxury boutique-style retreat that nestles between mangrove forests, and the white sands a…