They broke the mould with the Philippines. That is, back when the old supercontinents drifted apart, forming new land masses that would become new continents and countries. There’s nowhere like it: a 7,000 plus archipelago of broken and smouldering islands scattered across the North Pacific Rim.

The extraordinary landscapes take in jagged mountain ranges and ancient volcanoes, limestone karsts and uninhabited islands, caves and subterranean rivers, and unique land formations like the Chocolate Hills. For keen explorers, this one of the last frontiers on Earth.

With a luxury trekking holiday you’ll receive private guided tour from local experts who understand the lay of the land better than anyone. The sky is the limit for adventure activities, with everything from whitewater rafting to canyoning to mountain biking to try.

Adventure & Trekking Experiences

Private: Banaue 5 Day Trek

Discover the 2000-year old Terraces and a glimpse into the Ifugao way of life.