A tropical archipelago of some 7,000 islands sprinkled around the North Pacific Rim, the Philippines is one of the world’s great outdoor paradises, uncharted and untouched.

Its awe-inspiring landscapes take in active volcanoes, smouldering and formidable, lush rainforests housing all manner of wildlife, and vast stretches of powdery white beaches hardly troubled by mankind.

Surrounding the islands are seascapes of multicoloured reefs, limestone karsts and thousands of uninhabited islets awaiting exploration.

Depending on what you’re seeking, visits to the Philippines can offer thrilling adventure or just secluded tropical beach bliss.

A Selection of The Philippines Experiences


Awards have been lavished and champagne has flowed since it became known to the wider world in the 80s, Boracay is probably the supermodel cover of the Philippines.


Cebu & Bohol

The heart of the Visayas Islands, Cebu is a long sliver of land with a rugged mountainous interior and sweeping powdery beaches around the fringe.



Untouched and unexplored, Palawan is the Philippines’ “last frontier”, a throwback to the days before the Google Maps opened up the world.


Diving & Snorkelling

Chains of pristine coral reef, lagoons and atolls and deep-sea reaches link the glittering islands; unsurprisingly snorkelling and diving here is one of the best in the world.


Adventure & Trekking

Explore smoking volcanoes, subterranean caves & dramatic mountain ranges.


Private Islands

A level of seclusion and luxury that other beach holidays just can’t offer.