Nico Heath

Co-founder & Director (SG)

Nico’s mother was born in Durban, and her love for the continent must have brushed off on Nico as he’s had a passion for Africa and wildlife for as long as he can remember. Childhood holidays were spent exploring different corners of Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania amongst others, and his first big move as an adult was to Namibia where he worked on a conservation project for a year. Next, he moved on to Kenya and took on the role of Assistant Manager at Borana Lodge, a boutique luxury property overlooking Mount Kenya and the Lewa Plains. His time at Borana gave him greater insight into what clients look for on a tailor-made holiday, as well as a deeper understanding of the other side of the industry. From there he headed to the Masai Mara where he worked as an apprentice guide for a leading Kenyan mobile tented company.

After his time in Africa, Nico returned to his hometown of London where he put his experience to good use designing high-end safari holidays for one of the leading luxury tour operators in Europe. In 2010 he made the move out to Asia where, armed with 12 years of experience in the tourism industry, he co-founded Lightfoot Travel’s flagship Singapore office. Despite being based in Singapore Nico still travels to Africa twice a year, and his devotion to the people, animals and culture that make up this fascinating continent is still paramount.