Executive Assistant (HK)

Born and bred in the UK, Hira took a leap of faith in 2010 when she moved to the Big Apple. While there she started exploring at every opportunity; from San Francisco, San Diego and Nashville to Chicago, Boston and Washington DC.

After returning to London in 2012 and starting work for the US Embassy Consulate, Hira continued to see the world, and her lunch break obsession became planning her next getaway to the likes of Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, Portugal and Beirut. Her fellow colleagues regularly joked that she should perhaps re-think her career path!

Taken by travel to such an extent, Hira finally decided to combine her experience and passions with a move into the industry. In 2015 she relocated to Hong Kong and joined Lightfoot Travel as Executive Assistant. Since arriving in her new home, Hira has ventured to Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Australia and Bali. She adores being surrounded by Lightfoot’s international team who she says “continue to inspire her everyday with amazing knowledge and stories”.